Friday, 22 October 2021

Insulin Pump Crop Tops

I have made these for my eldest daughter a few times, and she loves them as sleep bras.  They are a simple stretchy cotton/lycra crop top with a crossed back. The insulin pump is held tightly against the body inside the bottom band, meaning that you don't need to wear a separate pump belt to hold your pump.  It's also more convenient than putting your pump into your trouser pocket or clipping it to your jeans waistband, as you can go to the toilet without having to move it.

I am now starting to stock a few in the children's sizes on my Etsy shop, but since the adult sizes are made to measure, please contact me on the Etsy shop or via my Facebook page to request a custom order.

At the moment my prices are:

Child sizes - £20 plus postage.
Adult sizes - £28 plus postage.

Sunday, 19 July 2020


I recently began posting on instagram.  Many of the posts on my account will be familiar to anyone who follows the blog, as I have been gradually adding the diabetes awareness squares that I made for diabetes awareness weeks during the past couple of years.  If you want to take a look, the link is

Friday, 26 June 2020

Face coverings/masks

After getting a few requests, I have made a batch of 100% cotton face masks in various sizes to add to my Etsy shop ( I'm not currently taking custom orders for face masks, but will add new ones to the shop whenever I have time to make a few.

The masks that I have made are not medical grade and do not contain filters. They are simply washable face coverings made from two layers of closely-woven 100% cotton fabric.

These masks attach over the ears, using elastic. I have not stitched the elastic channel closed, so if you want to change the elastic, alter the length or replace it with a longer strap to fit right around the head, you can easily do so. On this mask, I have replaced the elastic ear straps with a 1" wide, 40" long strip of lycra fabric, which is more comfortable if you have sore ears.  You could use any long, stretchy piece of fabric or elastic, such as elasticated shoelaces, or if you have any old bracelet-making supplies you might already have reels of elastic that would be perfect. 

Stay safe, everyone!

You can find more advice on face coverings at

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Baby Insulin Pump Belts

You may not be aware that I make insulin pump belts specifically for babies.  These have no clips at the back, so they are more comfortable for babies who are still spending a lot of time lying down.  They have poppers (snaps) at the sides.  I can make them with or without a window.  The price is the same as a standard size 1 belt or a standard size 1 window belt.

I sometimes list partially-made baby belts in my Etsy shop.  They just need the right length of elastic added, so you can order one, then message me on Etsy with the baby's waist measurement and I will make it to that measurement.

If there are no baby belts available on my Etsy shop when you need one, please message me via Etsy or my Facebook page, and I can create a custom baby belt for you.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

About My Insulin Pump Belts

I have made these pump belts for my type 1 children since 2010, so they have been thoroughly tested.

Standard Pump Belt

 The standard pump belts have a clip at the back, adjustable elastic, and can be made in three sizes

Size 1 - to fit approximately 17" - 22" waist (43 to 56 cm) - £17.00 plus postage
Size 2 - to fit approximately 20" - 30" waist (51 to 77 cm) - £17.00 plus postage
Size 3 - to fit approximately 26" - 40" waist (66 to 102 cm) - £18.00 plus postage

I do not add a buttonhole to the back as standard, as not everyone requires one. If you require a buttonhole for cannula/tubing access, please order a custom belt, and request a buttonhole when ordering. I do not charge extra for the buttonhole.

Baby Belt With Window - The Same Price as a Standard Window Belt

Baby pump belts have poppers at the side, non-adjustable elastic, and are made to measure. They are more comfy for babies who spend a lot of time lying down. I will need your baby's waist measurement. When your child grows you can order a replacement elastic in a larger size.

Baby pump belt - £17.00 plus postage
Spare elastic for a baby pump belt - £2.40 plus postage (postage will not be added if ordering with a pump belt)

Window pump belts have a small PVC window at the front, and are otherwise almost the same as my standard belts, except that the zip is at the top, not the front.

Size 1 window belt - to fit approximately 17" - 22" waist (43 to 56 cm) - £20.00 plus postage
Size 2 window belt - to fit approximately 20" - 30" waist (51 to 77 cm) - £20.00 plus postage
Size 3 window belt - to fit approximately 26" - 40" waist (66 to 102 cm) - £21.00 plus postage.

For pricing of non-standard belts or other items, please message me.

You can order by messaging me on my Facebook page or via my Etsy shop 

My standard pump belts were originally made to fit my children's Medtronic Veo and Medtronic 640G pumps, but they also fit the Accucheck Combo and the Animas Vibe. If you are using another pump, please send me the measurements (width, height and depth) and I will check whether it will fit, but it should be OK.

Insulin pump belts that are currently available can be viewed at 

Alternatively I can make you a custom pump belt, with your choice of fabric and elastic. Just send me a message.

Elastics available for custom pump belts can be viewed in this album… 

Fabrics available for custom pump belts can be viewed in the following albums:
Album 1 - Vehicles, space, science, pirates, dinosaurs, superheroes...…
Album 2 - Flowers, princesses, fairies, dancers ...…
Album 3 - Animals, birds, butterflies, food...…
Album 4 - Shapes, spots, stars, letters, patterns...…
Album 5 - Snow, winter, Christmas...… 

Each album contains many different prints. The headings are just to give an idea of the contents of the album. I suggest looking through all of them before ordering, so you don't miss a fabric you would love. If you find it too difficult to choose, let me know what theme or colour you like best, and I will offer suggestions.

Kaija Sofia postage rates for pump belts, from 18 July 2018, are:

Postage for up to two single-pocket pump belts, or one double pump belt
UK 1st Class = £1.10 (not tracked) or £2.25 (signed for)
Europe = £8.30 (tracked and signed)
Rest of the world = £9.80 (tracked)

If you order more than one pump belt, or something that is not a pump belt, please ask me for the postage price. I will weigh the finished items and only charge postage at cost.

See my terms and conditions below for information about payment, delivery and my returns policy.
Please send me a message or write a comment on the Kaija Sofia page if you would like further information.


Double Belt - See my Facebook Page for Prices



Payment by Paypal is preferred. If you would prefer to pay by debit/credit card you will need to order via my Etsy shop, I can create a custom order and add it to the shop if you cannot find what you are looking for. Please contact me if you wish to pay by any other method.


If you order a ready-made item, it will be mailed within 24 hours and should arrive within 2 - 14 days, depending where you are.
If you order a custom item, please be aware that it could take me up to 2 weeks to make the item, after which I will mail it to you within the same time-frames as the ready-made items.
I will always obtain proof of posting. If you wish to have the item sent by registered post or another signed-for service, please let me know when ordering, but be aware that this can cost considerably more. Take a look at the postage calculator at to find out more.
I do not make a profit on postage. I only charge the exact cost of the postage and packaging, and I try to recycle packaging where possible.
If you are ordering from overseas, please be aware that you may incur a customs charge when your parcel enters your own country. There is nothing I can do about this. You can use the calculator at to work out whether you are likely to incur any customs charge.


If you wish to return an item for any reason, please contact me to discuss this before sending the item back.
You have the right to return an item within 14 days of receiving it. Any refund will be provided to you within 14 days of the returned item being received by me. Unless the item was faulty, you will need to pay the cost of shipping for any returned items.

Standard Pump Belt

Monday, 17 December 2018

Lots of Christmas belts in stock now!

I've been busy at the sewing machine.  Take a look at the shop for even more cute Christmas belts.