Tuesday 8 October 2019

Baby Insulin Pump Belts

You may not be aware that I make insulin pump belts specifically for babies.  These have no clips at the back, so they are more comfortable for babies who are still spending a lot of time lying down.  They have poppers (snaps) at the sides.  I can make them with or without a window.  The price is the same as a standard size 1 belt or a standard size 1 window belt.

I sometimes list partially-made baby belts in my Etsy shop.  They just need the right length of elastic added, so you can order one, then message me on Etsy with the baby's waist measurement and I will make it to that measurement.

If there are no baby belts available on my Etsy shop when you need one, please message me via Etsy or my Facebook page, and I can create a custom baby belt for you.