Friday 26 June 2020

Face coverings/masks

After getting a few requests, I have made a batch of 100% cotton face masks in various sizes to add to my Etsy shop ( I'm not currently taking custom orders for face masks, but will add new ones to the shop whenever I have time to make a few.

The masks that I have made are not medical grade and do not contain filters. They are simply washable face coverings made from two layers of closely-woven 100% cotton fabric.

These masks attach over the ears, using elastic. I have not stitched the elastic channel closed, so if you want to change the elastic, alter the length or replace it with a longer strap to fit right around the head, you can easily do so. On this mask, I have replaced the elastic ear straps with a 1" wide, 40" long strip of lycra fabric, which is more comfortable if you have sore ears.  You could use any long, stretchy piece of fabric or elastic, such as elasticated shoelaces, or if you have any old bracelet-making supplies you might already have reels of elastic that would be perfect. 

Stay safe, everyone!

You can find more advice on face coverings at